The challenges are different at the moment. We are in several crises. The competition for the best ideas is also the competition for household resources. Much of what we are planning is cost-intensive because it reaches into the core areas of the welfare state. If we say that 20 percent of families live in poverty or are at risk of poverty, and if we then want to place a service there that helps, it will cost money.

But I don’t want to sunbathe in it. The challenges in a very dynamic society are still there. It starts with classic tasks, such as: How can we establish protection and advice for women affected by violence? With current debates such as sexism or reproductive rights, we are in the middle of a social process.

Feminists and queers, we have to stick together. We fight for each other and with each other. It doesn’t have to matter if we’re cis or trans. It’s about how people can belong in a society and contribute.