Felkerzams: the fate of the Russian Germans, which became a saboteur Hitler's No. 2

History 19/02/20 Felkerzams: the fate of the Russian Germans, which became a saboteur Hitler No. 2

This SS-sturmbannführer called a German saboteur No. 2 (after Otto Skorzeny). Felkerzams conducted a series of brilliant, from the point of view of subversive art, operations, but his name remained in the shadows, “the commando №1”.

a descendant of the famous ancestors

The Ostsee (Baltic) German Adrian von Felkerzam was rich pedigree – among the ancestors of rear Admiral, major General and Lord Chamberlain of His Majesty. Adrian was born in St. Petersburg, he studied in Riga, Germany and Austria. Before the Second world managed to serve in the Latvian army. Even then inclined to the policy of the national socialists.


After moving from Latvia to Germany in 1940 Felkerzams immediately entered the service of the Nazis in the Main administration of Imperial security. He was awarded the title of a kind of SS and determine the direction of its work, it has to do with Russia.

Soon Felkerzams comes into the volunteer training regiment “Brandenburg-800”, whose main tasks was the organization and execution of special sabotage operations on the territory of the USSR. In the elite special forces of the Abwehr saboteurs studied the techniques of unarmed combat and explosives, he studied foreign languages. Baltic company, commanded Felkerzams, consisted mainly of the same well-know Russian language, Baltic Germans, like himself. A favourite tactic of the subversives were wearing Soviet military uniforms and holding in such shares on the territory of the USSR.

the Maikop RAID

This is one of the most famous and most daring operations, developed and implemented by unit A. Felkerzam. In the summer of 1942 a group of 62 people snuck in Maykop under the guise of officers of the NKVD, has discovered the location of defense facilities, disabled communications, and disorganized actions of the troops ALACA.

Saboteurs by bogus orders to retreat actually deprived the city garrison combat capability, resulting in podtyanuvshy German troops seized Maykop and adjacent fields without encountering resistance from the red Army. Felkerzams for this operation was awarded the Knight’s cross.

Operation “Bazookas”

Felkerzam very appreciated Otto Skorzeny. Together, they are on behalf of Hitler in 1944, conducted a unique operation to offset the Hungarian dictator Horthy to prevent the exit of Hungary from the war (action Panzerfaust). Horthy was secretly negotiating about it with the Soviet Union. If they succeeded, the red army would have received better access to the border of Nazi Germany and the Nazis, in this case, would have surrendered much sooner.

Saboteurs stole the son of the dictator miklós Horthy, Jr., and when this measure failed, with small losses seized the residence of the Hungarian leader and put in charge of the government of the Hungarian Nazi puppet Ferenc Salashi.

Death in Poland

At the end of the war unit A. Felkerzam participated in the battle of the bulge (subversive action “Neck”): the Nazis under the leadership of Otto Skorzeny, dressed in American uniforms and attacked the posts of the allies of the USSR, were introduced to the troops, shaking the discipline from the inside. Skorzeny even planned the assassination of Eisenhower, but this idea failed: “the Vulture” the Americans found out and lost two-thirds of the personnel of the team of saboteurs in the end had to disband.

Killed by A. Felkerzam in January 1945 in one of Polish cities. The title of major was given to him posthumously. Head of Felkerzam Otto Skorzeny lived to 67 and died of cancer in Madrid in 1975.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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