ARCHIV - 06.11.2021, Bayern, Seubersdorf: Der ICE, in dem eine Messerattacke stattfand, steht im Bahnhof. Mehr als acht Monate nach den Messerattacken eines mutmaßlichen Islamisten auf Reisende in einem ICE in Bayern hat die Bundesanwaltschaft Anklage gegen den Mann erhoben. Foto: Angelika Warmuth/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

More than eight months after the knife attacks by a suspected Islamist on travelers in an ICE in Bavaria, the federal prosecutor’s office has brought charges against the man. Among other things, he is accused of attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm, as the Karlsruhe investigators announced on Monday. The trial is to take place at the Munich Higher Regional Court.

On November 6, the then 27-year-old suddenly attacked four men with a knife on the train between Regensburg and Nuremberg, some seriously injuring them. He approached a seated passenger from behind and stabbed him eight times in the head, neck and chest.

Immediately afterwards, according to the federal prosecutor, he described himself as mentally ill. He was therefore initially admitted to a district hospital.

In March, the Attorney General took over the investigation – there were “serious indications of an Islamist background” to the crime. The statement now states that by September 2021 at the latest, the accused had made the decision to make a contribution to global jihad by killing “infidel” non-Muslims in Germany indiscriminately.

For this reason he attacked the train passengers. “According to the results of a detailed psychiatric examination and further investigations” it can now be assumed that the man does not suffer from a mental illness.