(Quebec) The 138 million dollars from Ottawa intended for the English-speaking community of Quebec must be used for francization, asks the Legault government.

On Wednesday, as soon as the federal action plan on official languages ​​was announced, the Minister responsible for Canadian Relations and the Canadian Francophonie, Jean-François Roberge, deplored that he had noticed nothing at first sight to protect French in the Quebec, while an envelope is reserved for the province’s English-speaking community.

Thursday, “after analysis”, he said that Quebec “could have a share” of the funding provided for “a few measures that affect the whole of Canada”. Most importantly, he made a “demand” to the Trudeau government.

“I see that there is still a lot of money that is intended for English-speaking communities in Quebec”, an envelope of 138 million, he noted, adding that “Prime Minister Trudeau says that it is really French which is in danger in Canada and that [the federal government] has a responsibility”. “What would be a good idea is that the amounts intended for Anglophones be used for francization. [That’s] what I expect. »

He also replied that “it would be unacceptable” for this federal money to be used to “fund groups that challenge the laws of the Quebec nation”, such as the reform of Bill 101 (Bill 96).

The three opposition parties argued that Ottawa is “not doing enough for French in Quebec with its action plan.