The FDP in Schleswig-Holstein officially offers the CDU negotiations on a joint coalition. The delegates of the state main committee, a kind of small party congress, decided unanimously on Sunday in Neumünster to make a corresponding offer to Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) after the failed soundings for a new edition of the Jamaica coalition.

“The overlaps in content between the FDP and CDU are extremely large,” said FDP country chief Heiner Garg. Both parties wanted to build on the successful Jamaica policy and move the country forward. “The Greens, on the other hand, want a change in policy,” emphasized Garg. It needs “a stable government that relies on progress and reason”. “The CDU must now decide where to go,” said the FDP country chief.

The CDU will decide on Monday how to proceed. The state executive advises whether the party invites the Greens or the FDP to negotiations on forming a government.