Town On the land of the Little Bergkouter in the Town is the Monday evening farmer, Jean-Paul, Deschaumes (69) in order to in the life to come. His wife found him on the embankment, next to his tractor, which had overturned. “I was so anxious to become, as night came on, and Jean-Paul remained away”, attests to the very excited woman.

“I’ve still got half an hour of work”, Jean-Paul, and his wife said that when he on Monday in the early evening, after an afternoon of farmyard manure spreading, and one of two tractors and one trailer back to the farm, to the Ommegangstraat would have to be taken. The other tractor as he would have with the edge of the field, just a stone’s throw from home, need to do some clean-up. But in that half hour there were two.

‘ It was dark, and when it did, I’m really worried. It wasn’t Jean-Paul’s habit in order to stay away from. I’m on my bike, jumped off it and on to the field to ride. I need to search for Jean-Paul and his tractor were not to be seen,” testified his wife, Lisa.

when you have a slope on the edge of the field, they saw that a tragedy had taken place: the tractor was tilted to the bottom of the hill. “My husband was two metres higher. He seems to have the tractor weggekropen, but it seemed to not go any further,” says the woman.

the Half-hour resuscitation

from A mug, and the ambulanceteam of the General Hospital, Glorieux Ronse (belgium) and the crew of the fire station Town are on-the-spot gone before. “She’s got a half hour and tried to get my husband to revive him. These people have been doing. But Jean-Paul had been in an accident probably is an internal hemorrhage may be sustained, and on-the-spot death.”

How the accident exactly occurred is not clear. “It would seem that the tractor is turned, as Jean-Paul with them, around the field for a form. Did he always have to get the wheels and what is proper to do. He would not have wanted to be a modderspoor on-the-street to the left”, think about his wife.


The death of Jean-Paul Deschaumes was on Tuesday, when a blast by the Town and the neighbouring municipality of Maarkedal. “His father was very involved in the club, and every year they were in the Bommelstoet depend on him to be with his tractor and a wagon to pull it. And as a horse lover, he was known to ride his supergeliefde stallion Furioso . Dad was a member of the Etikhoofse Ruitervrienden and is always present in each and every Fiertelommegang. As a very social person, always good-natured and everybody is feeling”, says daughter, Sophie, with him.

A sporty, outdoors person,

Agriculture and green and dare ever bump into, but it is not on the farm, Deschaumes: jack, Jean-Paul was also a member of the environmental organization Natuurpunt and the Ronsese council.

“ “” Of insecticides was what he wanted to do not know much about it. He was a lover of nature and a true lover of the outdoors. He went to be with the other farmers, and private persons, trees to prune, and was, therefore, not a ladder: he put spurs to it and climbed in to the trees. The Jc Institutions, he has more than 25 years ago, still have the black belt is attained,” says his wife, with pride.

the same age in the same way as you, mother

by Jean-Paul Deschaumes was agriculture and cattle breeding business for many years, since his parents are over. A remarkable coincidence: his mother was the same way at the same age, and the life. “Well, she was in an accident on the field in question. It was about two months before her seventieth birthday. In about four months would be my man of seventy, become” aware of his wife’s.

Next to her is Jean-Paul, a daughter, a son and four grandchildren are left behind.

the Funeral, in the basilica

The uitvaartplechtigheid for Jean-Paul, Deschaumes, will take place on Tuesday, October 1, at 10 a.m. in St. Hermesbasiliek in the Town.