Bizarre-the World’s heaviest avocado comes from the state of Hawaii. The Pokini family on the island of Maui, lives, has, this week, officially the Guinness World Record , to bite, for their exceptionally robust and avocado. That was just 2,54 kg. Holy Guacamole!

Mark, Easy Pokini, and their son, Loihi had a great avocado, and officially in december, but just this past Sunday, and they had to rescue the news from the Guinness World Records: they were, as expected, is indeed a recordexemplaar for the treatment.

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“We are, of course, very happy,” says the Easy Pokini to The Maui News. “But we had to wait so long after all the official formalities. Finally, we know that!”

With a huge avocado, they were able to eventually have 20 people to feed. The family-stop by the way not in the record. There are plans for even more massive avocados to grow.