Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) has announced severe consequences against people who threaten politicians because of rising energy prices. “The freedom to demonstrate has its limits where other people are injured,” Faeser told the news channel “Welt” on Monday.

With a view to a video that was circulating on the Internet, in which the kidnapping of Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) is being staged, Faeser said that this was being pursued with all the severity of the rule of law: “Something like that is not possible.” There are also limits to what what may be said. “You can demonstrate against rising energy prices,” said the Interior Minister. But it is “just not okay to threaten other people”. She warns against joining such protests, “or even liking such a post”. Faeser emphasized: “We will also hold those who posted this video responsible for it.” The video was used to advertise a protest in Heidenau, Saxony.

The state protection of the Dresden police had previously started investigations into a video in which a man with a bag over his head and handcuffed was lying in a trunk.

“On Monday, the Heidenau citizens’ protest will take care of Robert Habeck and put him on trial! Appears in large numbers.” says the video description on Facebook.

The video is suspected of being a public call to commit crimes, said a police spokesman in Dresden on Monday when asked by epd. In addition, investigations are being carried out on suspicion of insult, slander and defamation of a public figure.

The video was used to advertise a protest event on Monday evening in Heidenau near Dresden on Facebook. The Federal Ministry of Economics reported the publicly visible video to Facebook so that it can be checked and deleted in accordance with the Network Enforcement Act. In addition, the matter will be legally examined, the ministry said on request.