Eine Frau gibt in einem Wahllokal Wahlzettel für die Wahl des Abgeordnetenhauses und den Volksentscheid in Berlin ab. Am 14.Oktober stellt der Landeswahlausschuss das Endergebnis fest. Dabei dürfte es auch um die Frage gehen, ob der Urnengang wegen Wahlpannen in einzelnen Wahlkreisen oder dem einen oder anderen Stimmbezirk wiederholt werden muss. (zu "Landeswahlausschuss stellt Ergebnis der Wahl in Berlin fest") +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

A repeat of the Bundestag elections in numerous Berlin districts is becoming more and more likely. A first draft for a draft resolution of the Election Review Committee of the Bundestag provides for a new vote in around 440 polling stations. That was announced on Wednesday from the committee.

According to the information, the districts of Pankow, Mitte and Reinickendorf are particularly affected, but not only. However, according to observers, it will still be a few weeks before a decision is made on the final proposal for a repeat election in the capital. Significant effects on the outcome of the election are not expected.

The elections for the Bundestag and, at the same time, for the Berlin House of Representatives on September 26 were marked by numerous mishaps and organizational problems in the capital. These included incorrect or missing ballots, the temporary closure of polling stations and long queues in front of them, sometimes with waiting times lasting hours. In addition, some polling stations were open well after 6 p.m.