Exactly 2 300 cases in the Novosibirsk region of a coronavirus found in 87 inhabitants

In the Novosibirsk region at 11 am on may 26 showed 87 cases of infection with coronavirus — oberstab has published the latest statistics.

— For the day confirmed 87 cases COVID-19. Died another man, he was 60 years old, — reported in the sit room.

Only in the region of a coronavirus found 2,300 people, among them 138 children. Recovered 891 people, 30 patients died.

— In intensive care units are 59. On life support — 19 patients. In children’s hospital No. 3 admitted 65 children with suspected coronavirus. Including children with a confirmed diagnosis. Adult patients in the infectious disease hospitals of Novosibirsk — 1574, patients with an established diagnosis COVID-19 and suspicion at him, — said in the sit room.

Also, 112 patients with suspected coronavirus and already diagnosed hospitalized in regional hospital of Suzun, Cherepanov, the Karasuk, Kuibyshev, of Sochi, the City of Tatarsk, Iskitim and the Chulym.

Only in the Novosibirsk region held a 98 551 test for the coronavirus.

Under medical supervision remain 2669 inhabitants of the region, 15 918 people removed from the observation.