ARCHIV - 06.10.2009, Russland, Moskau: Anatoli Tschubais, damaliger Leiter der staatlichen russischen Beteiligungsgesellschaft Rusnano, während eines Nanotechnologie-Forums in Moskau. Der nach Beginn des Ukraine-Kriegs zurückgetretene prominente Kreml-Beamte wird laut Medienberichten mit schweren gesundheitlichen Problemen in Europa in einem Krankenhaus behandelt. «Das ist natürlich eine traurige Nachricht, wir wünschen ihm baldige Genesung», sagte Kremlsprecher Peskow am Montag der Agentur Interfax zufolge in Moskau. Angaben der italienischen Tageszeitung «La Repubblica» zufolge wird Tschubais in einer Klinik auf der Mittelmeerinsel Sardinien behandelt, wo er zuvor Urlaub gemacht haben soll. Foto: epa Mikhail Metzel Pool/epa/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Since Russia has already partially or completely cut off gas supplies to twelve member countries (of the EU), we all need to prepare for the worst possible situation.

Ukraine has accused Russia of missile attacks on the Black Sea region of Odessa. The city council of Odessa, citing the southern command of the Ukrainian army, announced on Sunday that two Russian “Iskander” missiles had been shot down from the Crimean peninsula. According to the Odessa regional administration, the projectiles fell in a quarry. No information was given about possible victims. There was initially no official reaction to the allegations from Moscow. The information could not be independently verified.

The Odessa region is home to all three ports through which grain will soon be exported across the Black Sea again as a result of a recent agreement. Since the war began more than five months ago, the southern Ukrainian region has repeatedly been the target of Russian attacks. (dpa)

It will probably not be possible to prevent Ukraine from suffering a fate similar to that experienced in other war zones. What must not happen, however, is to confuse cause and effect. Your own utility bills don’t increase that much because Ukrainian soldiers are defending themselves against a merciless attacker. Butter prices don’t go up because people between Odessa and Kharkiv are fighting for their freedom. Keeping reminders of this will be one of the most important tasks that serious media will have to deal with in the future. Being remembered is the even more important task of those who care about the world.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says it has not yet been given access to the site in eastern Ukraine where dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed on Friday. The incident in Olenivka was condemned, a statement said. “Families need to know and get answers as soon as possible about what happened to their loved ones.” (Reuters)

The war in Ukraine has had a massive impact on the country’s harvest and thus on grain supplies worldwide. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy tweeted on Sunday that the current year’s yield will be only half as high as usual.

Meanwhile, Turkey expects the first grain freighter to depart from a Ukrainian Black Sea port on Monday. Russia mainly bombed cities in southern Ukraine on Sunday.

According to Zelenskyy, Ukraine is bracing itself against a global food crisis triggered by the Russian invasion. Like Russia, the Ukraine is one of the largest grain exporters. However, the ports on the Black Sea such as Odessa cannot be used as usual due to the blockade by Russian forces since the beginning of the war at the end of February. This has already led to rising prices and shortages in some primarily poorer countries. (Reuters)