Saying that the online slots industry is huge is an understatement. Some even describe online slots as the biggest and fastest-growing industry in the world. This is evident from the fact that every year there are many events that have to do with slots. These include slot tournaments, expos, and product launches at Slots Baby.

However, 2020 has been a bit different; a lot different in fact. The COVID 19-pandemic has changed events as we know it. With social distancing, it can be difficult for large groups of people to come together. And this is usually what slot events are, large groups of people that socialize and interact with one another. As a result, most slot events were either postponed or cancelled entirely.

Regardless, some events were able to continue because online slots can be played virtually. This means that the transition from physical to virtual slot events are completely possible. Find below a few examples.

The Global Gaming Expo Goes Virtual

Initially, while most events were cancelled, the Global Gaming Expo intended to continue with the planned expo that was to take place in Las Vegas from the 5th to the 8th of October. However, as time went on and more uncertainty arose around travel restrictions, it was decided that the Global Gaming Expo would take place virtually.

This new virtual experience will continue to bring the industry together, as the Global Gaming Expo has done in the past. Attendees will get the same benefits as they would at the live event, including business meetings, product discoveries and networking opportunities. The expo kicks off on the 14th of October, with three gaming leaders discussing reopening strategies. The virtual platform will then remain open for 2 weeks, allowing attendees to plan their agendas for the expo, which will be taking place from 27 to 28 October.

Slot Tournaments

During 2020, as most meetings and events are cancelled, more players (new or experienced) are on the lookout for slot tournaments to keep their minds off what is going on in the world. It is thus good to know that since these tournaments were always hosted online, not much has changed. They just go ahead as planned.

Additionally, online casinos who might not have hosted these types of tournaments before are quickly realising how lucrative they can be. Consequently, there are even more virtual slot tournaments. This keeps their players entertained and happy until things return to normal.

If you are interested in online slot tournaments, a quick google search will give you a lot of options to choose from. Just select one that suits your pocket and you’re good to go.

New Slot Releases

While slot releases are not necessarily considered an event, it has become something to look forward to in 2020. These new games get players excited and also keep them occupied while at home.

Here are some new releases:

  • Gonzo’s Quest Megaways
  • Fortress Charge
  • Vampire Senpai
  • Wild Pops

Final Thoughts

Even though slot events are not as they used to be, there are still some options should you want to enjoy it. So, keep your eyes peeled.