Free time-It’s that time again! Lonely Planet has a selection of tourist hot spots for the coming year were announced. For those who are unsure of where to go in the year 2020, it can already be inspired by the lists of the famous guidebook. BEST places TO VISIT IN 2020:

1. Bhutan

Bhutan in the Himalayas to kick it up to number 1 because it is the kingdom’s only CO2-neutral country in the world. Ok, it is not a question of there being, in the beautiful scenery and culture of Bhutan, you can have it in all the rest, and visit.

full review:

1. Bhutan.

2. In england.

3. The north of Macedonia.

4. Aruba.

5. eSwatini (in the past, south africa).

6. Costa Rica.

a 7. The netherlands.

8. What the fuck.

9. In morocco.

10. In Uruguay

the BEST CITIES TO VISIT will be IN 2020: