ARCHIV - Iranische Atomwissenschaftler im Forschungszentrum der Uranumwandlungsanlage im Kernkraftwerk Isfahan (Aufnahme von 2005). Foto: Stringer/epa +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

The European Union has presented a “final text” at the nuclear talks with Iran. “We’ve been working for four days and today the text is on the table,” an EU diplomat said on Monday at the negotiations in Vienna to save the 2015 nuclear deal. “The negotiation is over, it’s the final text,” and this “will not be renegotiated,” the diplomat added.

Iran said it was still examining the final text submitted by the EU. Negotiations to revive the nuclear deal resumed on Thursday after months of deadlock.

The Russian negotiator Mikhail Ulyanov had previously announced positive developments. “It looks like we’re making progress,” wrote the ambassador to the international organizations in Vienna on Twitter on Sunday, without giving details.

There were still no signs of a breakthrough over the weekend, however, after negotiations in Vienna resumed on Thursday after a five-month hiatus. Ulyanov made it clear that Moscow supports the proposed agreement.

Diplomats from the US, Iran and other countries such as Germany tried to clarify final questions about an agreement to lift US sanctions and restrict Tehran’s nuclear program again – as was originally agreed in the 2015 pact to limit the construction of Iranian prevent nuclear weapons. France, Great Britain and China are also part of the agreement.

Iran and its European negotiating partners had previously urged each other to compromise. Iran’s Foreign Minister Hussein Amirabdollahian had called on the US to show “a pragmatic response to Iran’s constructive proposals.”

“Iran must now decide whether it wants to conclude a solution while it is still possible,” said European representatives.

On Sunday, Tehran’s chief diplomat again spoke out against investigations by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) intended to clarify secret nuclear activities in the past.