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The pharmaceutical company Myelo Therapeutics, which employs only twelve people in Berlin-Mitte, will receive around 17 million euros in funding from the European Union for a period of four years. With this, the company is to advance the development of a preparation to combat radiation sickness to market maturity. This was shared by the Berlin-based and listed medical technology company Eckert

Myelo belongs to a portfolio of “promising preclinical or clinical development candidates that Eckert

In view of the Russian war of aggression, the EU set up the European Defense Fund. The alliance of states wants to invest almost eight billion euros in the “innovative, industrial and scientific basis of the European defense industry” by 2027 – so this fund is not about the purchase of weapons. 49 million euros from the fund will flow into a program for a Europe-wide network to develop preparations to treat symptoms after a possible attack with nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. Russia’s leadership had repeatedly warned of a nuclear war since February.

According to the information, an international team has been working at Myelo since 2019 – initially with the support of the US research center NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) in the fight against allergies and epidemics. Its head is the doctor Anthony Fauci, who became world-famous during the corona pandemic. The aim of the working group is the development of drugs for civil defense in EU and NATO countries. However, Myelo products could also be used in the treatment of cancer, according to the release. Eckert is also on this field