Enhanced methods of questioning: what kind of torture used in CIA

History 17/02/20 Enhanced methods of questioning: what kind of torture used in the CIA

in Recent years began to appear more and more evidence of torture applied by the Central intelligence Agency (CIA). The Arsenal of methods of influence on the prisoner or interrogated is extremely wide: torture is an uncomfortable posture, sleep deprivation, music, white noise and other methods of barbaric torture of man.

the Torture rules

Torture is subject to specific guidelines – the Manual of the CIA interrogations. A detailed study on practices was published in 2014 by the U.S. Senate.

On pages 528-page document describes the so-called enhanced methods of interrogation, involving psychological, and, though less physical impact. But still the main purpose of the CIA used torture and mental terror of a man breaking his will.

Torture is an uncomfortable posture

a Man forced to take the most uncomfortable position and is in this position a few hours

This leads to the fact that the accident is on a subconscious level begins to consider the source of pain and inconvenience yourself, not the investigator. The consequence is the increasing psychological discomfort and overall resource depletion of the nervous system. In combination with the harsh conditions of detention such torture allows the investigators to achieve maximum results with minimum expenses.

it is Worth noting that in addition to lesions of the nervous system, long-term position of the body in an uncomfortable position can lead to thrombosis, disruption of motor skills, and other adverse consequences for the organism. All together, this can cause extreme exhaustion and death.

in 2005, the Associated Press said the prisoner one of the secret CIA prisons, Abu Ghraib (Iraq), Manadel al-Jamali was killed during torture. The media was publishedavana photo with the unfortunate strapped over the backs of his wrists. On the background of the Iraqis posed for soldiers of the U.S. army.

sleep Deprivation

One of the most common types of torture depriving the prisoner of sleep for a long time. Depriving of sleep equipment can include loud music, bright lights, the room of the prisoner on the step of a pedestal from which he hurt in the case of falls slumber and loss of balance. It is proven that sleep deprivation leads to serious hormonal issues in the body, hallucinations and mental disorders, and most importantly make a prisoner of the prison more compliant.

the torture of the music

Sound torture is the human exposure to loud music. The list of songs the CIA typically includes songs in the style of hard rock. Scientists say that people previously never fond of such music is unable to sustain it all day long. There is a mental disorder, the body and brain lose their functions, the will to resist is broken.

Similar techniques were especially popular in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. In 2008, the human rights organization Reprieve released a list of 33 musical compositions, called “Better hits Guantanamo Bay” – songs, which often has tortured prisoners.

Along with the songs sometimes apply the so-called white noise, then the very unpleasant and eerie rustling and crackling, which emits a radio or TV when no signal or searching channel.

Sensory deprivation

This is the most extreme form of psychological torture. For example, eye or an ear plug deprive a person of the effects of the environment on its auditory and visual apparatus. A person can not see, hear, and if it is connected, and to touch anything. Sensory deprivation is a growing sense of anxiety that is experienced is extremely difficult. The person feels completely “lost” in time and space and, therefore, completely helpless.

So, a US citizen Jose Padilla, convicted in 2007from aiding and abetting the terrorists, subjected to sensory deprivation for several weeks. He was kept in a cell without natural light, where there was no calendar, no clocks. As argued by the lawyer of the accident, his client was so exhausted that decided if the lawyer himself is part of his torture.


One of the most brutal CIA used torture simulated drowning. Man lay face up, tie him up, blindfolded and periodically begin splashing in the face from the bucket. Thus he has a feeling that he’s drowning.

On a psychological level we passed through the torture, there was a strong oppression of the will, on the physical – brain damage from oxygen starvation and lung damage.

In 2015, the U.S. Senate Committee on intelligence issued a report, which contained information about the “work” of CIA detainees. In addition, the document was information about the Pakistani Abu Zubaydah. In prison, stationed in Thailand, he was beaten on the walls and nailed into a coffin, and then simulated drowning until the unfortunate gag reflex. A total of Zubaydah “drowned” 83 times.

the Existence of such sadistic practices, it was recognized at the highest level in April 2016, when the then head of the CIA, John Brennan promised not to use simulated drowning. Did high-ranking official word or not is unknown.

Ivan Proshkin

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