August 24, 2021, Kiev, Ukraine: Military aircraft are seen during the Independence Day military parade on the Independence Square in downtown of Kiev. Kiev Ukraine - ZUMAs197 20210824_zaa_s197_191 Copyright: xPavloxGoncharx

In an interview with the editorial network Germany (RND), the outgoing Ukrainian ambassador, Andriy Melnyk, once again attacked the federal government for its hesitant attitude towards arms deliveries to Ukraine.

“Things are going better now,” said Melnyk, referring to the first days of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, when Germany initially promised 5,000 protective helmets.

But if, for example, it was about Leopard-type main battle tanks that Ukraine could obtain directly from German industry, the federal government would always give the same excuse: “We don’t want to be the first,” Melnyk told the “RND”.

“Obviously, out of consideration for Russia, they do not want to deliver battle tanks directly to us, even though the Leopard 1 is more than 40 years old, but are looking for detours via ring exchange models, which then fail completely or at least cause resentment among those involved.” (Tsp)

At least 361 children have been killed during Russia’s war of aggression, according to Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office. The value has therefore not increased for eight days. According to unconfirmed data, at least 711 children were physically injured.