ARCHIV - 01.07.2022, Spanien, Palma de Mallorca: Vorwiegend junge Leute gehen am Abend durch die Schinkenstraße im Party-Viertel Ballermann auf Mallorca. Die Balearen-Regierung macht Ernst: Wegen verschiedener Verstöße gegen das sogenannte Anti-Sauftourismus-Gesetz werden auf Mallorca acht Lokale bis auf weiteres zwangsgeschlossen. (zu dpa: «Gesetz gegen Alkohol-Touristen: Acht Lokale auf Mallorca dichtgemacht») Foto: Clara Margais/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The Balearic government is serious: Because of various violations of the so-called anti-booze tourism law, eight bars in Mallorca will be closed until further notice, as the regional Ministry of Tourism announced in Palma on Wednesday. According to the information, four of these bars are located in the “Ballermann” on Playa de Palma, which is particularly popular with German visitors, the other four in the British holiday and party stronghold of Magaluf. In addition to the closures, investigations into violations of the law had been initiated in over 90 cases, it said.

The operators of the fined bars are accused of having served alcohol outside of the approved times and to minors. Some would also be accused of sexist advertising and the degradation of women. The authorities did not say whether the affected premises are bars, discotheques, restaurants or beach kiosks. A spokesman for the Ministry of Tourism told the “Mallorca Zeitung” that this information and the names of the restaurants should not be passed on for data protection reasons.