The Dutch police is looking for 33-year-old Ergün Senarabaci. He is suspected of the two people to be in the life to come, in the Pathé cinema in new york. The two of the dead were workers: a couple in their fifties is that in the movie theater to work, that is reported by the Dutch

mon morning, the bodies of the two victims, – workers, Gina, and Features been in a movie theater in new york. Two of the victims worked in the Pathé cinema, tells the story of a half-brother of the deceased woman. They were always in the morning, and started about half past eight.

The couple have two children. It’s going to have a son and daughter, in her twenties, says it’s a half-brother, Alex. “The son is running an internship program in Korea. He is trying in every possible way, as quickly as possible and to not hesitate to ask me.”

The area around the movie theater, it was for a while locked, it will remain on this weekend’s close.