BOSTON (AP). — Kevin Durant grew in Washington, D.C., looking up to Allen Iverson, who led Georgetown to back to back trips to the NCAA Sweet 16.

The Nets forward now looks down on the Hall of Famer, who is a player from the Top 25 of the NBA’s All-Time scoring list.

“Iverson, I was there for him in the Pantheon.” Durant, who had just surpassed Iverson’s career total to lead Brooklyn to a 123-104% victory over the Boston Celtics, said that Durant was one of those guys he emulated every time he went outside.

Durant said, “To pass him, to end up with some of the greatests on that list, is incredible.” He started the night with 24,367 point, one less than Iverson. Durant passed Iverson on a jumper within the first two minutes. “I just have to keep going.”

Patty Mills had 23 points, and James Harden had 21 points and 11 assists. LaMarcus Aldridge had 17 points and nine rebounds, while James Harden had 20 points and 11 assists for Brooklyn. The Nets have won four straight, seven of eight, 12 of their last 14, as well as three of their last 14.

For Boston, Marcus Smart scored 20 points and had eight assists. Boston had already won three consecutive games. Jayson Tatum scored 15 points and grabbed eight rebounds for Boston, which cut a 29 point lead in the third quarter to 12 early on the fourth quarter, but couldn’t get any closer.

Brooklyn was making his first trip to Boston since winning Game 4 in the first round last season’s playoffs.

Steve Nash, Nets coach, said that it was a “quality road win against an opponent who’s been playing great basketball.”

Midway through the first quarter, the Nets took an 11-point lead. They led by 17 points in the second and then held a 62–49 advantage into the half. They scored 18 of their first 21 points in third quarter and led 97 to 68 before Boston scored eight of the final eight points.

Boston scored eight of the first four points in the fourth quarter to make it 97-85. Mills helped with James Johnson’s jumper and then hit a 3-pointer for an extended lead.

Keep it down

Nash was just finishing explaining why the Nets are the most quiet team he’s ever played with when a row broke out in the locker room next to him.

“Keep it down there,” James Harden, a guard, said with a smile as he banged on the wall while following Nash to the postgame news conference. “I’m doing media.”

Nash stated that he can feel his team becoming more vocal.

He said, “They’re one the quietest groups I’ve ever seen,” We’re not loud, but our spirit is growing. The men are beginning to get together and discover the joy in playing together.


Ex-Celtic Kyrie, an ex-Celtic Kyrie Irving, was hit with a water bottle when the team left Boston’s court the last time Brooklyn visited. Irving did not play this season because he refused to follow COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Ime Udoka, the new Celtics coach, was an assistant for the Nets last season. Harden stopped by Boston’s bench to shake hands, but Durant preferred to talk trash with the coach, who was also an assistant for the U.S Olympic team.

Durant stated, “Coming into Boston is a difficult place to play.” “Now that Ime is here, it’s even more sweet.”


Tatum was 1 for 9 in 3-point range. However, his make gave him 650 career points and put him ahead of Larry Bird to move him into fifth place on the Celtics’ all time list. Smart, who scored three points on Wednesday, is now fourth with 702.


Ray Allen has 24,505 points and is next on Durant’s scoring list. Bill Russell, a Hall of Famer, was present at the game and sat courtside at the Nets’ end of the court. Udoka was called for a technical foul and left the court at halftime. Durant attempted a free throw just before the beginning of the third quarter but missed it. … Harden made a stop at the Boston bench to greet Udoka, who was an assistant for the Nets last season.