In Mechelen, A drunk driver last weekend, for the time being, driver’s license kwijtgespeeld following a road traffic accident at the intersection at the Mcdonald’s in a Year. When the police arrived on the scene for the findings of the director of 2.6 per cent, consumption of alcohol is good for a half box of beer in his blood. “He was allowed to spend the night in a police cell,” according to the police.

The apprentice-officer was one of the fifteen directors, including the police, over the weekend, the driver’s license used to be fifteen days. In total, there were 33 drunk drivers at the lights. “Two other drivers were under the influence of alcohol and drugs,” explains politiewoordvoerder Dirk Van de Sande’s work is increasing. Six drivers were under the influence of drugs. It was, inter alia, cannabis, and cocaine use.”

The student member of the board, it will soon be able to explain it to the first instance court in Mechelen, belgium. He risks, in addition to this ban on driving is still a further driving ban when he made his final driver’s licence. “After the incident, we had his car, still needs some work. For this cost, he must pay the price,” adds Van de Sande continued.

be A member of this past weekend and have been driving for about fifteen days and is withdrawn, so she was caught at the height of the Elektriciteitstraat on the N16. He ignored the orders of police inspector to stop it. “A politieploeg had to track him down. After a while, he put aside,” says Van de Sande.

Fake name

in Addition to the fifteen licences have been suspended for fifteen days, provided for twelve directors, for their driver’s license for six hours. Fourteen others were doing it for three hours.Finally, it stopped and the police in the Zandpoortvest becoming a director, who is not a driver’s license nor identification card in his pocket had been. “He gave up the identity of his brother”, says Van de Sande. “Not much later, it turned out to be also why he has a fake name. His drivers license is for more than one year in the office of the clerk of the magistrate’s court.”

When the verification of the actions of the police zone Mechelen-Willebroek, which were 1.159 board members checked in. The action was part of the verkeersactieplan of the police force.