Abroad, A Belgian tourist was 79 years old, the traffic in the city is in Antalya (Turkey), and on the roads put in. In the middle of a main road and lost the guy to keep his balance, and fell over. Passers-by rushed to help, but he would have none of it. He weaves his way, he continued his path… until he once again fell down. According to local media, the man was drunk.

The Belgian rider rode according to the local media, with a scooter, without a helmet on a busy road in the town of Manavgat, when he suddenly slowed, and his equilibrium is lost, and the plain went down. Drivers and other passers-by, who saw him fall rushed to his side immediately to help the elderly right in to help.

The tourist have made it clear that he doesn’t need. He climbed back on the scooter and put in another. That was, however, zig-zagging, which he is believed to have been a threat to themselves and to other road users.

When he was finally once again to a standstill, wanted to come in, he was again knocked down. This time it took witnesses, and there is an ambulance at the. In the hospital, it turned out that the man was drunk.

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