it is Hardly necessary to prove the importance of water to those who are out of it at 60-70%. But not every water is really useful. Especially need to be careful lovers of mineral water. What’s wrong with her, to whom is it useful and what happens if you drink too much? The answers will surprise you.

Quench your thirst with mineral water

the average daily loss of water for adults is 2.5–3 litres, and at heavy physical work in the heat will increase to 10. You will feel thirsty when you lose water equal to 1-1,5% of body weight, the loss of 5-8% will be lethargy or agitation and dryness of the mucous membranes, a 15% loss of water can lead to coma and loss of 20-22% is incompatible with life. But it’s more of a clinical story and normal life much earlier you will want to quench their thirst. I like water, but not every mineral.