Style surprised when Dries Van Noten today, after the show, the audience not only came to greet, but which, together, made up with French fashion designer Christian Lacroix. This is because it is the first time our fellow countryman, the other manages to do it with a different design.Together, they designed the new collection for the spring / summer of 2020, and there were bright colors and busy prints are a central focus.

Backed by the luxury group LVMH by Bernard Arnault and opened by Christian Lacroix, in 1987, of his own eponymous salon in haute couture.It was the first time in twenty years, that there is in Paris a couturehuis came round and, in addition, it is the first brand that was created within the help center. In the meantime, the pop singer Rihanna, that Room endorse her own brand of Fenty.

When are the parades, layers are always in red and pink carnations on the seats, that is, at the conclusion of the designer, were thrown out. This was also the case here. Everyone from Dries Van Noten’s show was a bullseye with a picture of their seat with DVN*XCLX, with the co-operation. In 2005, there was a break-up with Christian Lacroix and Bernard Arnault, and it was decided that the latter would be the couturehuis to sell it. In may 2009, which asked the Room voluntarily for the failure of its own label to it.Since then, he worked mainly in the theatre and the opera, and he performs as a freelance designer on assignments such as well now: Dries Van Noten.

the Two designers are well known for their theatrical style, and you could see back in the collection. Bright colors and lively prints are exchanged with each other, in terms of cut-jumps, especially with the wide shoulder look.