dpatopbilder - 29.07.2022, Sachsen, Dresden: Der deutsche Schlagersänger Roland Kaiser steht während seines Konzerts im Rahmen der ·Kaisermania· auf dem Areal der Filmnächte am Elbufer auf der Bühne. Foto: Sebastian Kahnert/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The forest fire in Saxon Switzerland is still demanding hundreds of firefighters. Disaster alerts have already been raised in several cities in the region. Not even 50 kilometers away, three concerts by Roland Kaiser took place at the weekend. Including fireworks.

Pop singer Roland Kaiser (70) performs at the so-called “Kaisermania” on six evenings on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden. In the run-up to the first three concerts, there was criticism of the planned final fireworks, especially on the internet.

A Twitter user wrote on Friday: “To ignite fireworks less than 40km as the crow flies from disaster areas, where quite a lot is burning, is the VERY LAST, Dresden! If that’s really the case, you can dress warmly in the town hall.”

The city of Dresden announced on Friday: “Starting next week, it will also be temporarily forbidden to light fireworks in Dresden, depending on the forest fire danger level.” The fireworks at the “Kaisermania” concerts from July 29th to 31st were however still approved. “Today fix Roland Kaiser fireworks. We won’t take care of this nature and the bit of fire until Monday!” wrote another Twitter user cynically on Saturday.

Finally, on Monday, the city imposed a ban on fireworks and public barbecues from August 2 through September 30, inclusive.

“Because of the persistent drought predicted by the German Weather Service and the associated high risk of fire, the state capital Dresden issued a general decree banning fireworks and banning the use of barbecue and campfire sites,” says the report from August 1st.

The ban is intended to prevent combustible material from being ignited by flying sparks and causing fire. In addition, the containment of the fire hazard should avoid large-scale operations by the fire brigade “in order to have the capacities available elsewhere”. Capacities that are currently urgently needed, especially in Saxon Switzerland.

In addition, the burning of small, medium and large fireworks as well as stage fireworks outside of closed rooms is prohibited. According to the city administration, the ban applies from forest fire danger level 4.

The Sachsenforst state enterprise classified danger level 4 for the city of Dresden on Tuesday morning. In the district of Saxon Switzerland – Eastern Ore Mountains, level 3 currently applies despite the fires that have already broken out.

And now the organizer of “Kaisermania” has also reacted. As the website Tag24 and Radio Dresden report, Semmel Concerts has now announced that the fireworks at the end of the next three Roland Kaiser concerts from April 4th to to want to do without on August 6th – even in the event that the risk of forest fires was then again below level 4 and that would be allowed again.

“Kaisermania” has been attracting thousands of fans to the Saxon capital for years. Especially after the two-year Corona break, the 36,000 fans celebrated their Roland Kaiser at the three sold-out concerts last weekend.