History 07/02/20 “Down with Hitler!” and other words that are shouted to the Germans, when they surrendered

a classic of propaganda Joseph Goebbels, understood that wars are won not only by force of arms. The enemy can and should convince, attract, bribe, and cheat. Therefore, the Soviet Union was not only dropped tons of bombs and tons of flyers that promised a better life in the part of the Third Reich. Much less is known about the response to propaganda, which was conducted by the Soviet Union. And despite the difficult times, the Soviet government allocated a lot of money.

Pass the prisoner

the First year of the war was the most difficult for the Soviet Union — had been thinking about how to defend Moscow and to preserve industry, and therefore was not propaganda. But the victory at Moscow and the winter counteroffensive of 1941-1942 Soviet citizens charged with optimism (as it turned out, somewhat premature). Then came the first Soviet leaflets.

It was a classic informational poster with photos of wrecked German equipment bogged down in the snow, and a story about the defeat at Moscow. Most of the soldiers and Junior officers of the Wehrmacht had little idea about the outcome of this battle. German generals presented the defeat as a temporary setback and forced a retreat to regroup their forces, about the real extent of the losses knew a few. On the reverse side of the leaflet was missing in captivity. German soldiers were guaranteed life, if they surrender unarmed and shouting the words, “goodbye, Moscow! Down With Hitler!”.

In the future, similar leaflets appeared regularly, with each new victory as our own, and allies. Also the Germans were constantly threatened a Second front, representing those of the African theater of operations, the operation of the landing of allied troops in Sicily.

the Generals never die they just surrender!

attempts were Made not only to convince the Nazis in hopeless warss, but also affect them psychologically. In 1942, there was a lot of leaflets with stories about the injustice of aggressive wars and the atrocities that German soldiers are doing against the civilian population of the USSR. But this approach proved less effective.

Here is how wrote about it the newspaper “Pravda” the words of one of its war correspondents: “It was one of our first leaflets, it was felt the innocence of a man woken in the night by bombs. The leaflet stated that the Germans attacked us and are waging an unjust war. German read and shrugged: “I’m not interested”. He was not interested in the question of justice: he followed the Ukrainian fat”.

Therefore, in subsequent promotional materials it was decided to put pressure on other places. The leaflets warring Germans talked about how their wives and girls at home entertained SS soldiers that the generals and senior officers of the Wehrmacht prefer to surrender instead of death for Hitler, the Italians, Hungarians and Romanians demobilized from the front. It was proposed to surrender, where guaranteed food, good conditions, relative freedom and even the opportunity to meet a great Soviet girls.

a Kind word and a gun

of Course, the Soviet Union had no illusions about the fact that leaflets and other means of propaganda, you can decide the outcome of the war. M. Burtsev in his novel “Insight” quotes the words of Colonel-General A. S. Shcherbakov, who led during the war Sovinformburo and involved including the issues of propaganda: “to prove to them [the soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht] that they are doing poorly, as it often is in our propaganda, is in vain. A little of them who understand that they are doing the crime. The best means of persuasion of the Nazis — crushing blows of the red Army.”

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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