Doping scandal: the Olympics will be very special

January 27, 11-time world champion in rowing Laurence Vincent-Lapointe from Canada jumped for joy like a Bunny. This is because the international canoe Federation after a six-month trial due to a positive doping test acquitted the solution. A two-year ban on participation in competitions cancelled and darling Canada will go to the summer Olympics in Tokyo.

the Decisive argument in favor of Lawrence was her love affair with a football player who took a banned substance, and the advocate of canoisti failed to prove that the doping was in her body “as a result of abundant exchange fluids” with a guy during intimate contact before the Deposit of samples. For the sports world. it was traumatic. For example, the reaction from the American FOX Sports: “Incredible! World champion wins doping case, putting the blame on dope vibes her boyfriend”.

anyway, guy-football player Lawrence broke up, accusing him of treason, but the semi-annual doping controversy ended with the acquittal. I in no way want to impugn the verdict. Congratulations Lawrence! We — just for thoroughness and fairness in the analysis of doping disputes.

Another example on this topic. Recently there was an incomprehensible situation with a dope of the outstanding British runner, born in Somalia, four-time Olympic champion and multiple world and European champion Mohamed Farah. To understand the level of popularity in Britain of the athlete, it is enough to remember how you did races Mo Farah at the distance of 5000 meters and the 10,000 meters at the Olympics in London in 2012.

the Stadium was roaring so that for the first time in Olympic history, both of the photo was blurred. The camera of the photo finish made the vibrating noise of 140 decibels, which is equal to the sound when a jet taking off at the edge of the runway, possible concussion.

But now the British anti-Doping Agency about ukad ukad very quietly responded to the request for urine samples MohammeYes Lights, which came from the US. They say, sorry, we will not give, because they fear that you will ruin in the future it will be impossible to check. But check these samples in the United States wanted it now, not sometime in the future.

it is now anti-Doping Agency of the United States leads the investigation against coach Mohammed Headlights Alberto Salazar. He dismissed as distributed to its students a prohibited substance, but just from 2011 to 2017, he trained the Spotlight. But, sorry, with the issue of the Thames no. And the issue is closed.

It is culture. The behaviour, when true or untrue your be a plus. The same theme — the Norwegian skiers, asthmatics and the American athletes who dope on medical prescriptions due to medical indications.

We’re talking about the actual culture prevailing in the approach to sports. Extremely interesting in this regard, the upcoming summer Olympics in Tokyo, where Russian athletes are forbidden to speak Russian. But in the female types can be expected the triumph of transgender people. If anyone still doesn’t know, transgender is a male who decided to become a woman without surgery sex change. Those are called transsexuals. These transgender people.

In tight swimming trunks of course, they do not look like women, but the Olympic Committee has recently adopted such rules, which determine the floor is not on the primary sex characteristics, but on the level of the male hormone in the blood is testosterone. That is, if you are a man and decided to enter the arena through the women’s locker room, be kind to yourself injections lower testosterone — and welcome to the podium. This is not a joke. This is a new Olympic rules for the Olympic games in Tokyo, adopted under the pressure of minorities. Here’s how they explain the January journal of the American Thinker (“American thinker”): “IOC allows up to competition of the self-determined women, if their level of testosteroneRon does not exceed 10 nanomol per litre during the year. Testosterone levels in men ranges from 7.7 to 29.4 nm/l against of 0.12 to 1.77 nm/l in women. According to these rules, even in men with hormonal restrictions will have on women a five-fold advantage.”

While the new Olympic rules runs in international competitions. So, at the last Pacific games in competitions on weightlifting has won a biological male by the name of Hubbard, which is a female name Laurel. Acts in the category over 87 kg for New Zealand. Taken weight for the two exercises — 268 pounds. Gold medal and highest step of the podium. The games were held in Samoa. Two female athletes — women by birth — both from Samoa — took second and third places. They are also on the podium. Not happy. Looking down, turned away in different directions, as if they themselves are awkward and the gold dazzles them.

we have Previously talked about the canadian guy-the cyclist who decided to compete on the track with the ladies, taking to himself the biblical name of Rachel who Rachel. Rachel McKinnon. In the fall, speaking in Manchester, Rachel McKinnon again became world champion in the sprint in the 200 meters. For the second time.

American don aarvik, on behalf of which got silver in disagreement pointedly laid his left hand behind his back instead hugged the winner. Such examples indefinitely. American CECE Hoist — also a transgender woman born as a man. Recently won the race at the 400m in the second division of the National University sports Association.

For the new rules is tightened and school sport, where grown replace the current Champions. Here are two high school girls from Connecticut who were born boys, but as a transgender won the sprint among girls. First place — Terry Miller — 11,72, the second — Andrii Served. By the way, just a year ago Andria competed with the young men.

You do not think. We are telling is not about the exotic, and about the new Olympic rules, adopted for the Olympics in Tokyo in June this year. By the way, at the opening ceremony of the Olympics will appear artificial girl singer Hasune Miku.

About her we were told. She is the idol of so-called “herbivorous men”, those among the Japanese of the stronger sex already, most of those who has relationships with real women don’t pull.

However, it’s just the cultural context of our sports officials for the rights of our Olympians. In Tokyo will not be the Russian flag, will not play the Russian national anthem. Our current Champions and the young ambitious athletes are denied the right to play in the national team of Russia the decision of the IOC under the pretext of the fight against doping. We talked about this injustice a thousand times, and the new Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko in his area of responsibility and the sport is determined.

“of course, We must protect the interests of our athletes, especially because we have the Olympic games in Tokyo. And there is no time to lose,” said he.

Yes, but crazy house, as we see in modern sport much. Injustice, however, is visible not only from Moscow. I personally liked the analogy that holds one of the world’s most influential sports marketers, the Englishman John Tibbs.

Recalling his boarding school, John describes the case of a night RAID by the boys from one body to another when they represented themselves as Indians. In the hole put all the instigators and those who refused to participate in pranks. And then all the forced to clean the construction site for the weekend. Since collective punishment for John Tibbs became a symbol of injustice.

“Russia is a global sports superpower with millions of talented young athletes who hope and dream about the ultimate prize, namely the OlympusEnglish gold. To deny these athletes to perform in Tokyo (and maybe in Paris in 2024), do not let them even see those games on their national heroes and role models on which they build their life — what would it mean? It means to put the fire out ambitious hopes for a generation. And because none of these young men and women was neither an organizer nor an accomplice substitutions and manipulations with tests in Sochi or in Moscow. These young men are innocent, they are the ray of hope been for the helping for a better future,” said Tibbs.

And more to won at the Olympics medals were not impaired by lack of competition: “All “empirical” data, that is, heard with my own ears and seen with my own eyes the evidence suggests that on the Tokyo 2020, Paris 2024 Olympics all want it: so pure and innocent elite athletes from Russia allowed to compete. This will keep the very definition of perfection in his generation — a fundamental Olympic value. This will guarantee these Games will not be empty or incomplete victories.”

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