Do not even banks: popular shop refunds money for purchases in July

“Go heat”: in the hypermarket of accessories for phones Hello! declared megacli — cashback 100%.* In stores Hello! refunded the entire amount of the check, and these bonuses can be spent on future purchases.**

Generous action — a great excuse to treat yourself and friends useful things: charge cable for, new cover, safety glass and much more. Prices in Hello! low and no discounts, but as they say, gifts do not give up.

What to buy

Hello just a cosmic selection of covers for different models of smartphones — more than 17 000! Prices from 49 cents.

If you are a supporter of reasonable expenditure of money, feel free to choose cables for charging, price from 99 rubles, and the thing will be useful to everyone.

To universal goods are the external batteries that cost 199 rubles, and you can charge both the smartphone and any portable gadget.

If, for example, headphones, there is a big choice, including wireless. Prices on headphones at Hello starts from 49 rubles.

Summer travel to the country or stay useful mini speakers from 299 rubles.

And more recently in Hello! brought a huge number of beach mattress, inflatable circles and balls. Cost 199 rubles.