Science, for Two weeks, and several millions of dollars later throw by Robert Ballard, the man who found the wreck of the Titanic is found – in the towel in the ring, he could be the lost plane that Amelia Earhart in 1937, crashed, was not found.

by Robert ” Bob ” Ballard went on in August, two weeks into the deserted ring-shaped island or atoll’ Nikurmaroro. There, he attempted, in the context of a National Geographic-funded expedition, the mystery of the missing plane of Amelia Earhart, to solve the problem. National Geographic decided to just Apply: have a cv, it is, after all, is unbeatable. Who can say that he was (in 1985), the wreck of the Titanic found?

However, it could Apply to fall short of high expectations. He and his team have found some of the information on the Nikurmaroro, which makes me think that there has ever been a plane crash. But the expedition is not in vain, the part of the researcher. “We’ll know in advance where the airplane is,” he says. “This plane is. It’s not like the Loch Ness monster. And it will have to be found.”

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Amelia Earhart has been missing since July 2, 1937. Around 08.43 (local time) and sent the flyer to her last message about it on the radio. Since then, lacking any trace of her. The American flyer was on its way to a landing-place: to the island of Howland in the Pacific Ocean. However, when things went wrong. There was nothing more was heard of the flyer, and Fred Noonan, her navigator.

The search for fourteen days, in addition to the two pilots took me. In 1939, Earhart was officially will be dead, and possibly her husband to marry again.

Further suggested that the results of modern technology is that Earhart and her navigator after an emergency landing on the uninhabited atoll of Nikumaroro were to happen. Were the two ‘survivors’ have died, an assumption that, for the first time, it was made by the members of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR).

for Years, brushed Apply for a possible expedition to Nikumaroro off. Until he noticed a photo in which he shows itself meaning was to investigate the case. The following photo was taken in the 1940’s by the British as an officer. This is a ship, is pictured in the background atoll of Nikumaroro. Those who still have a little bit of a better look, to see, perhaps, a blurred object in the foreground: the main landing gear of Earhart’s aircraft, according to Ballard.

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