Director: Levon Kocharyan: why Vysotsky did not come to the funeral of a friend

Biography 31/01/20 Director Levon Kocharyan: why Vysotsky did not come to the funeral of a friend

Most biographers, listing friends of Vladimir Vysotsky, one of the first always call of the Director of Levon Kocharian. There is a version that Kocharian bard has dedicated the famous song “Big carriage”. Unfortunately, the filmmaker was measured only 40 years of life. With his death, many former friendships Vysotsky is also broke.

“Black gun” on the “Big Coach”

Levon Suren Kocharyan was born in 1930 in the family of famous entertainers Suren Kocharyan. However, to take the beaten path father Levon did not want to. At first he wanted to become a pilot, then an orientalist, but in the end he entered the law faculty of Moscow State University. After graduating from high school, Kocharyan was accepted into the legendary MOORE. But, according to Yury Sushko, author of “the Friends of Vladimir Vysotsky” in their chosen profession Levon quickly disappointed: he dreamed of the pursuits and exploits, and it turned out that most of the working time was occupied with monotonous paperwork.

However, surely it is this period of life Kocharian forever etched in the memory of Vladimir Vysotsky. Lavon, who was older than the bard of the future for 8 years perhaps gave the younger friend to hold the same “black gun” from the song “Big carriage”. In General, despite the difference in age between Kocharian and Vysotsky had a lot in common: they even lived in the same house № 15 on Bolshoi Karetny pereulok. If you believe the publication of “Vladimir Vysotsky. A collection of essays” edited by Tatiana Timakova, in a spacious three-room apartment of the Kocharyans was a fun and friendly company.

Moravec became a Director

Surprisingly, even after Levon Kocharian got his own family, he remained in Bolshoi Karetny lane. The fact is that, in the words of another Director, Anatoly Utevsky, napisausage a memoir “On the Big Karetny”, wife of Robert Kocharian, the then student of theatrical school of a name of Schukin, Inna Krajewska, also lived on this street. Then, when Kocharyan was married with Kryzewski, that is in 1950-ies, he left Moore and went to the Highest operator training: apparently, the genes still took its toll. On “Mosfilm” Kocharyan received the position of the second Director.

the Debut work of Levon Surenovich became the motion picture “the Quiet don”: Kocharyan assisted the chief film Director, Sergei Gerasimov. In the next few years, Kocharian took two more films: “the Elusive Avengers” and “One chance from thousand”. In the latter film, he performed as an actor and as a Director and as a screenwriter. Adventure Thriller “One chance from thousand” was released in 1968. At the end of the same year, Kocharian was diagnosed with cancer of the skin.

Vysotskiy never came

Levon Kocharian was put in the hospital. However, according to Fedor Razzakov, the author of the book “Vladimir Vysotsky: the secret trump card in the deck”, Vladimir Vysotsky never visited. Kocharian has repeatedly asked the companions about why Vysotsky does not come to him, but they were silent: they did not know what to answer him. After some time, Vladimir Semenovich will say that I do not like to see Kocharian, who always had excellent health, sick and infirm. Meanwhile, when, in September 1970 Levon Surenovich did not, Vysotsky did not come to the funeral.

There is an opinion that Vysotsky that day was not in Moscow. However, there is a lot of evidence that it is not. According to Valery Perevozchikov, in his book “the Unknown Vysotsky”, 13 September 1970, Vladimir Semenovich was really in Brest, where he met Marina Vlady. But the next day he arrived in the capital and immediately recognized that parting with Kocharian will take place tomorrow, the 15th. Nevertheless, the funeral was all but Vysotsky. After this “gesture” many friends have turned away from the artist: directed by Edmond Keosayan and the above-mentioned Anatoly Utevsky admitted that avoided meetings with Vysotsky and not even talked to him.

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