Belgian football players, on the Tuesday, bankrupt, declared that the club KSV Roeselare have been trained. “For me, they were doing it in their spare time, but it is definitely in the kidney in the clubs,” says the curator, Yves, Francois.

The club was on Tuesday declared bankrupt by the Ondernemingsbank of West-Flanders, belgium. In the introductory session, no-one was available to take the club to represent it. “You can do this at the very least, sloppy name,” says Francois. In the wake of the bankruptcy of an old creditor to the court, pulled up for an unpaid bill of 28.283 of the euro. The invoice has now been paid for. “However, this is completely illegal, and now the club is under administration,” said Francois. “This is money that will have to be paid back and the remote are not in the club, to be paid for it.”

According to the insolvency administrator should have the training from the morning to the time away from the players, and they did this not as an employee of the club. “In addition, it is not sure whether or not they are insured,” says Francois. “It depends on the insurance policy. In some of the state’s plain to find out that the insurance policy in the event of bankruptcy will immediately cease to exist.”

The-West-Flemish club in the opinion of the decision soon to cancel it. “The ball is in their camp,” said the curator. “The club is going to appeal against the decision, but I think it’s unlikely that the activities of the week may be resumed. This would, in theory, at the earliest, on Tuesday, may. It’s now time for the KSV Roeselare for the right to be heard.”