Jan 21, 2022; Denver, Colorado, USA; Denver Nuggets center DeMarcus Cousins warms up before the game against the Memphis Grizzlies at Ball Arena. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With two recent acquisitions, Bryn Forbes & DeMarcus Cousins, the Denver Nuggets have doubled their commitment to winning an NBA championship this season. Forbes was acquired by the San Antonio Spurs in a three-team deal, while Cousins was an unsigned free agent with a 10-day contract.

They were brought in to help the Nuggets’ bench unit, which was a bit stale. Each player has a unique role to play if they want the bench to start to look more vibrant. Although the returns have been promising so far, there are still many things to do in order to maximize both players individually and collectively.
The Nuggets needed a strong player to take over the bench before Cousins was acquired. The combination of JaMychal Green, Zeke Nnaji wasn’t enough to compete against teams that have a true backup center. Cousins was a solid choice for the Nuggets reserve unit.

Boogie Cousins is a great addition to the bench unit. Cousins’ addition allows coach Michael Malone, to pair forwards such as Zeke Nnaji or JaMychal Green off the bench with Cousins, two players previously miscasted as small-ball centers.

Cousins has been a valuable screener and a reliable pick-and-roll partner to Facundo campazzo. Cousins may not be the lob threat Campazzo would prefer, but he is a smart player who can get to the basket and create “and-one” opportunities.

Cousins is a great screen setter and rebounder, averaging 6.3 boards per game. This averages to just 13 minutes per match. Cousins is a big rebounder who has an advantage over the rest and has been a great asset to the Nuggets bench.

Cousins brought a new attitude to the bench unit, something that has been lacking all season. Cousins is guilty of three technical fouls and was ejected from his four games. However, his energy on the court and positive attitude have made a difference in a bench unit that had often seemed lifeless all season.

How can Cousins make the Denver Nuggets better?

Cousins excelled in big-man tasks for the Nuggets. Cousins’ shooting has been a bit rough.

After being released by Milwaukee Bucks, DeMarcus Cousins was signed by the Denver Nuggets. Cousins is unsurprisingly in poor shape for his first season with Denver. Cousins also spoke out about his own condition, saying that he felt like he had “two cement blocks” under his feet, per Harrison Wind .

Cousins’ time with the Nuggets has seen him shoot just 62.5 percent from his free-throw line. He also shot 27.3 percent from behind the arc and 22.2 percent on the field. Cousins’ numbers may be poor, but he should continue to play and improve his chemistry.

Cousins has also been in foul trouble often and early. Cousins has been in foul trouble four times with the Nuggets. He also received 12 personal fouls and was ejected against the Brooklyn Nets. His ability to protect the paint will improve as his conditioning improves.

Cousins has been an excellent big man for the Nuggets off the bench, which was something they badly needed. Boogie is getting in shape and we can expect to see his game improving.