Declared the Russian team at the qualifying match of the Eurobasket with Italy

a Trainer’s staff of Russian national team on basketball, led by Sergei Bazarevich has announced the final squad for the upcoming qualifying match of the European championship with team Italy.

the Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 20, and will meet on the parquet of the Palace Palabuto20 in Naples, beginning at 22:30 Moscow time. Among the participants of the meeting were not included Anton Astapkovich, Nikita Balashov and Maxim Grigoriev, and on the floor will be 12 players.

Defenders: Dmitry Kulagin, Gregory Motovilov, Vitaly Fridzon (all – “the locomotive-Kuban”), Evgeny Baburin, Ivan Strebkov (both “Lower Novgorod”), Denis Zakharov (“Yenisei”), Andrey Sopin (IBA);

Forwards: Pavel Antipov (Nizhniy Novgorod), Evgeny Valiev (“PARMA”), Stanislav Ilnitsky (“the locomotive-Kuban”);

Center: Vladimir Ivlev (“the locomotive-Kuban”), Artem Klimenko (UNICS).