History 07/02/20 “Death in prison”: what happened to the nephew of Hitler in Soviet captivity

Relatives gave Hitler a lot of trouble. They had either to please or to deny the relationship, so they do not tell the world unpleasant for the führer of the German people the details of his biography. It is known that Adolf Hitler somehow did not like to remember their ancestry.

Brother and “bad” nephew

Senior (combined) brother of Adolf Hitler, whose name, like his father – Alois – even before the First world war, emigrated from Austria-Hungary to the UK and married an Irish woman. Until the last moment no one was expecting the war, and Alois Jr. in may 1914 he moved to Germany, intending to engage in the restaurant business. About the true motives of his move that he didn’t get along with his wife and even that was a drunk and beat her. Some say that he planned to move his wife and three sons.

anyway, in the summer of 1914 came the First world war, and Alois Hitler, Jr. (fortunately for themselves, had not managed to obtain British citizenship) remained in Germany, and his wife and child could not have to come to it. Alois if I did, then not for long, because already in 1916 (from military service he managed somehow to hang) he married again without terminating the first marriage. There was a war, and Germany was at war with England – how could it be a legal marriage with any Irish?

two years Later, Germany was defeated and in 1923 (or 1924), someone figured it out, and Alois Hitler, who lived in Hamburg, appeared in court on charges of bigamy. But just because the first wife of Alois Hitler was not going to file a claim, the bigamist got off easy: six months in jail and a fine of 800 Reichsmarks.

the restaurant business was Hitler good, especially when the authorities came to his younger brother, and Alois first made this fact a good Rclamo to the institution. But after “Night of the long knives” on June 9, 1934 with Alois, apparently, someone clearly had a heart to heart. Restaurateur ceased to boast of kinship with the Fuhrer. Adolf Hitler himself was a categorical opponent of nepotism, corrosive power, is not going to provide his brother with exceptional conditions for doing business and gave him to understand it.

But the son of Alois first wife is a British citizen without a definite occupation William Patrick Hitler, was not so delicate. In 1933, immediately after Hitler came to power, he emigrated to Germany, intending to profit from it. He turned to uncle directly. Adolph gave him a clerk in the Bank. But an employee of William Patrick came out lousy. He bragged of his high parentage were drunk, resigned, he changed several jobs and turned again to the Fuhrer – now asking for monetary assistance. In his letter to his uncle William hinted that in case of failure trumpeted around the world about the alleged Jewish origin of the family of Hitler.

And the Chancellor of Germany, one word of which would be for the rest of his days to throw in a concentration camp, and led the negotiations with the obstinate nephew, urging him on such a combination: Adolf gives him a nice sinecure in the government, but William publicly renounces British citizenship. A sort of political PR campaign. But William knew that the position of a foreign citizen, yet there is no war, it serves as a reliable guarantee against the possible reprisals of the Nazis. He refused and returned to England.

it was 1938, the air smelled of a new world war, and exposing the article William “Why I hate my uncle”, where he expressed all what he threatened, has not made a resounding political effect. She only helped William to find the publisher of their family memories in America, where he moved permanently in 1939.

“Good,” the nephew

But Alois was the younger son, Heinz, born in 1920, from his second, itaccoi wife. Heinz Hitler from childhood imbued with Nazi ideology, became an active member of the “Hitler youth”. Powerful uncle took a special participation in his life. The only thing he did for him helped to settle in a new elite school for training Nazi footage – “National political Academy”. Heinz graduated in 1938.

it would Seem that Adolf Hitler had every reason to be proud of his youngest nephew, but he also brought the Fuhrer disappointment. According to the German historian Werner maser, author of the book “Adolf Hitler: legend, myth, reality” (1971), the police repeatedly detained him for driving through Berlin in a state of intoxication, but every time released, when they learned who he was. However, it is unclear whether reported to the Fuehrer about these cases.

according to John Toland, author of the American book of Hitler 1976, Heinz was Hitler’s favorite nephew. But the führer believed that one must tread to glory, to perform his duty to the nation and not to use privileges. Heinz obviously shared this belief uncle. He enrolled as a private military service and the beginning of the invasion of the Wehrmacht in the USSR was a non-commissioned communications officer in the artillery regiment of the 23rd infantry division, advancing in the group of armies “Center”.

it is Possible, although unlikely that the high-profile name allowed Heinz in autumn 1941 to the first and the last award – the “Iron cross” 2nd degree. 23 division, like all German troops advancing on Moscow, was in a difficult position. On December 1, she was surrounded in the district of Solnechnogorsk and hard to get. On Christmas day 1941, Heinz managed to get the holiday greeting card “from uncle to a favorite nephew”. 5 January 1942 during the retreat, disassembling the regimental point of contact, Heinz was taken prisoner by the Soviet troops.

Date and place of his death indicate: February 21, 1942, Butyrskaya prison. What happened to him for a month and a half from time of capture to the death – covered by impenetrable darkness neizvestnoti. Documents about this are not announced, and even the date of his death became known relatively recently. Obviously, of course, that the Soviet command knew who fell into his hands, as he was not in a simple prisoner of war camp.

it Should be borne in mind that in July 1941 in a German prisoner was the eldest son of Stalin, Yakov Dzhugashvili. It is highly likely that a nephew of Hitler might have been planning to use for exchange. Then you can assume anything, including that Heinz Hitler refused to participate in this exchange, and nkvdeshniki killed him. However, given that Stalin did not like her first son, and even surrendered, it can be assumed that he personally gave instructions to shoot the nephew of the Fuehrer, in order to exclude in advance any possibility of such a shameful for yourself combination.

it is Unknown, did Adolf Hitler himself about the death of his nephew in “the Bolshevik torture chambers”. Probably, if I knew that the propaganda of Goebbels was able to make this episode of the heroic legend for the Third Reich. Most likely, he left for the führer “missing on the Eastern front”.

Yaroslav Butakov

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