TV-Davy Brocatus (47), is back. Seven years after the ‘Stars on the dance floor,’ draw in the ballroomkampioen today is a present, as a member of the jury in “Dancing with the Stars”. Just as firm but fair as well as nicely decorated. “Do you expect every episode to have a different costume and a different perspective, but in my frank opinion, will be the same.”

at The end of ‘Stars dance’ in 2012, that meant the end of the Davy Brocatus “tv career”. The colorful ballroomkampioen, and disappeared after five seasons and seven years on the screen. “I’ve been in Antwerp, together with my husband, Anatoly, my own business, have been developed: Dance as 1-2-3. Since 2011, we have seven days a week teaching in three different rooms. The top studio items, we also have a B&B with two suites. A third one is currently under construction. Well, I am still the chairman of the Hospitality industry in Antwerp, belgium. I’ve got my hands more than full,” said Land. The time for the television to be missed, the danskampioen is not even mentioned. “You know, I’m very happy that I now have as a member of the jury in” Dancing with the Stars.”

From the re-launch of the dansformat last year, Brocatus, not under the seats or benches that he, too, like to be part of the jury, it would have been. “Especially since I’m ‘Dancing with the Stars’, as a continuation of ‘Stars dance,’ and I used that program in 2006 and with it have built up from scratch. That was my baby. In the years that followed, I continue to act as a judge in dance competitions all over the world, such as the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and the world cup,” says the Second. “But, look, everything has its time and place. Last year, I was happy that the dance, once again the attention went to it, and now I’m even more happy because I’m part of the matter.”
Nicky Vankets

Also, tomorrow night will be Human again, nicely dressed and sit down behind it to the left in eye-catching tailor-made suits and matching glasses. “That’s my trademark has become,” he says. “You’re going to me, not a single episode with the same glasses, the same costume can be seen. Each week, I have had a look in the store for you, from head to toe in a Belgian design.” Nicky Vankets has been around since 2005, when it suits His and the man designed for marriage, his design. “He knows exactly what I want,” said Jack. “I’ll be happy and stylish for your big day. The visual image is a very important part of the world, I am grown up. I’ve got another five years in London working as a professional dancer and instructor, and there is even a lot more sharp. You will only have one chance to make a good impression.”

the Rhythm and the talent to use

you may Also use the same companies to get tomorrow, but one more chance to prove himself on the dance floor. The second will make each and every swing, jive, quickstep, or waltz neatly on them. “I will evaluate is always firm but fair. I am the sort of person who is the best in the people at the top want to get. All four of you can count, you can learn how to dance. However, the difference lies in the pace and the talent. It’s never going to be perfect, because not even the world champion, makes mistakes. However, you should be able to get that perfection, to achieve this. I have noticed that candidates are very motivated, and that’s all to the good. They are getting four to five hours of private lessons from a pro, and that’s a great gift to yourself, hey – even if they might not be all that visible. (laughs)”.

the Second will receive tomorrow in the evening in the company of Jan Kooijman, and Sam Louwyck and Joanna Leunis at the left. “To Joanna, I am even 31 years ago, my dance career started. Very, very pleased that we will now once again be allowed to strengthen. I love the opportunity to get a recognition for what we do, in which 31-year-old performed well in them.”