The formula 1 Two weeks ago, Monza was Charles Leclerc who is his team-mate, a trick is running. Yesterday, in Singapore: the roles are reversed. Sebastian Vettel who did not meet the requirements. It earned him his first win of the season. But it created, especially in a potentially explosive atmosphere, in the later evening.

all The ingredients for an interesting f1 season? Easy. The two teams are to each other and are well matched. Check out. In addition to what is solfer, and fire, which are mixed with a toxic atmosphere spread. Check out.

The first one gives a Ferrari. Dominated by the Mercedes in the first half of the season, then Ferrari, and now with the stronger party. Thanks to the upgrades to the engine, which will ensure that the Leclerc is both in-Circuit and in Milan was able to win. But, even more surprisingly, and thanks to aerodynamic changes. No one was expecting a Ferrari in Singapore, first started to run, in that the winding circuit. Yes. Thanks to a new underbody, rear wing, and face. Leclerc thus, at the poleposition, just waiting for his third win in a row. It was the general expectation. Certainly, when the young Monegask perfect, his starting block came in.