Daddy's son (and one daughter): as a family of Novosibirsk earned millions selling suspicious objects at the bridge

Building the forth bridge — one of the most ambitious and expensive projects of local authorities. The project is planned to invest about 35 billion rubles (for comparison: the cost of construction of LDS along with infrastructure is estimated at $ 10 billion, and the construction of the metro station “Sports” — 2.6 billion). Scale not only investments, but also the scope of work for the new bridge will be demolished over 500 buildings, stalls and garages. And if for some people the decision on demolition has become a kind of a disaster (homes bought for 2-3 million rubles, which is not enough for another equivalent accommodation), for others it has become a good source of income. In the winter of NGS told history of suspicious garage it, according to social activists, was built in 2017, when any construction in this area was prohibited. And today we will tell you more about the five objects that were owned by the same family. Correspondent NGS Ilya Kalinin untangling the strange scheme, have reached 90 years.