Europe’s Largest tennis center, the ice Palace “Crystal” with slides-transformers and updated Olympic “Friendship”: the construction and reconstruction of three major facilities will be completed in the Luzhniki stadium this year.

This is not a faceless building: ice Palace “Crystal” is now in tune with its name. The building surrounds a ribbon of panoramic Windows. The facade is decorated with metal lace, free from the scaffolding.

the Main thing in the ice Palace is, of course, the ice itself. Black pipe will go cold. On the steel frame will form the canvas of concrete, and on top, will fill the ice layer is a real layer cake.

According to the same recipe produced a second, absolutely similar to the arena. Here was the last stage. Both meet the strict standards of the NHL and the KHL.

“each of the ice arenas will be one large monitor 7.5 meters by 4 and a small monitor behind the gate. System “Videoga” allows you to monitor the goal”, — said Deputy General Director of the Contracting organization Dmitry Golovin.

at the same time in the Luzhniki stadium is the construction of three sports complexes. Tennis club the same as “Crystal”, was erected from scratch. In the building and around it will be a few courts.

“He has 15 indoor courts and 7 outdoor. Earlier in the Luzhniki Olympic complex was the only public courts, and will now be covered. This is the most modern platform,” — said the Deputy Director for construction company-contractor Elena Mamaeva.

But “Friendship” is already part of the story. A sports hall was built for the Olympics 80. Before the current designers had a difficult task: the historical image to maintain, and entire interior remodel to modern standards.

“To the roof mounted modern variety of circus equipment. Here will be the most modern sound, lighting, with different scenarios, allowing use hall in different modes”, — said the Deputy Director for construction company-contractor Andrey Podporin

Hall “Druzhba” is planned to open by the end of the year. In summer on the territory of the “Luzhniki” will lay two more Foundation.

“we Begin this year the construction of two international centres — Boxing and Sambo, — so that the work here enough, but all the objects are under construction, in movement, in the design,” — said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

Luzhniki survive the most ambitious in its history reconstruction. The competition has already attended the Palace of rhythmic gymnastics, water sports and of course football arena. The complex will be renewed by 2023.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”