27 May 2022: WHO World Health Organization vaccination certificate a syringe and a wooden cube labeled IMVANEX, smallpox vaccine, Imvanex as a vaccine for monkeypox virus PHOTOMONTAGE *** Impfpass der WHO Weltgesundheitsorganisation eine Spritze und einem Holzwürfel mit Aufschrift IMVANEX, Pocken Impfstoff, Imvanex als Impfung für das Affenpocken Virus FOTOMONTAGE

According to the health administration, Berlin medical practices, clinics and other facilities will be supplied with the vaccine against monkeypox from this Wednesday. That said spokeswoman Laura Hofmann on Tuesday of the German Press Agency.

The central health department has announced that it will also start vaccination on Wednesday. A speaker referred to a hotline where interested parties can make appointments. According to Laura Hofmann, it is not yet possible to say whether the other facilities will also start the vaccination on the same day or only in the course of the week.

The German Aidshilfe criticized that the start of vaccination against monkeypox was dragging on. “Time has been lost,” said spokesman Holger Wicht. He would have preferred a more pragmatic approach to the subject. The vaccine has been stored in Berlin for weeks, but the distribution is taking too long. Appointments are also difficult to plan. “We don’t even know how many vaccine doses are being distributed,” criticized doctor Heiko Jessen from Schöneberg, who wants to offer vaccines against monkeypox.

“It was challenging. Both legally and logistically,” said the spokeswoman for the administration. “We can definitely say that we have done everything to get things going as quickly as possible.”

According to the health administration, 22 practices in Berlin are taking part in the vaccination campaign. In addition, vaccinations are to be offered in the sexual health counseling center “Checkpoint BLN”.

Vaccinations are also carried out in the special outpatient clinics of the Charité and the clinics for infectiology of the St. Joseph Hospital Tempelhof and the Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum Schöneberg. The German Association of Outpatient Doctors for Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine (dagnä e.V.) has published a preliminary list of vaccination centers on Twitter.