Money, Crelan, take her to a Belgian competitor, AXA Bank Belgium, as a message, The Time is now on the website. The bank wants to be the acquisition, however, do not confirm the trade unions have not yet been officially informed. It was already known that the two parties are “exclusive negotiations” on the run.

The Time to pay Crelan 540 million in cash, and no Bank in Belgium. For Crelan means of the acquisition of its network to nearly double. They will grow up to be a player with a € 37 billion in deposits. Crelan is marked with the number five, after the four major banks (BNP Paribas-Fortis, KBC, Belfius, ING) and Argenta.

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the contract was a partnership signed with the French verzekeringsreus TER, writes in The course of Time. That would mean that the Crelan now AXA general insurance will be sold, at the expense of the previous partner, Fidea cycling team (subsequently acquired by the Swiss Baloise group. AXA, in exchange, the shareholders of the new group, for a stake of € 90 million.

The labour unions were on Thursday night have not yet been informed of any agreement; in AXA Bank is prd for a regular works council is planned. Also, the regulators would have it, the light is green to turn on.