Controversial issue: transgender in women's sports - to be or not to be

Against the artificial tolerance and in support of common sense. In the United States to discuss the lawsuit at the Federal level, which has produced several American Schoolgirls, unhappy that women’s sports in most States, is now open to transgender people, that is, the former men. Physiological superiority of the latter over nee ladies obviously, as mentioned many times already. However, the LGBT community, with numerous scientific arguments strongly disagrees.

Fight a little-a lot of biological justice on the treadmill and not only. Transgender former men in women’s sports leave no chance to win. Three Schoolgirls from the U.S. state of Connecticut has filed a lawsuit in Federal court. One of them — Alanna Smith.

“it’s not that they are transgender. We are talking about that it’s unfair to everyone else in our category, because we know that they have a physical advantage over us.”

Girls tend not to criticize someone’s way of life. They want the competition were fair, and only. At stake — scholarships in colleges and universities, sports career and not only. Schoolgirls lawyers support from conservative NGOs “Alliance defending freedom”. And, of course, parents who see how much effort their children spend on exercise.

“For me, as a parent, it’s a punch in the stomach. Know that it is so heavily worked that she became who she is. And then she has to compete against boys. The opportunity to win it just seized”.

the Local American athletic conference was allowed to participate “athletes with the male anatomy” in competition in 2017. And if in Connecticut early in 12 disciplines won 9 different athletes, but now all the titles take 2 lekgotla who were born boys. One or one of them, Terry Miller, which is also mentioned in the lawsuit.

The problem is severe, and is not viewed only within a single US state, but also the world of sports.

“the IOC will now be in serious trouble, and possibly to engage in serious debate. To deny formally, they are nothing. Because this will inevitably lead to multimillion-dollar lawsuits, and the IOC will try to avoid these lawsuits. But at the same time allow — this means to put in a losing position athletes,” says sports columnist Sport24 Marina Krylova.

Those who are born, as they say, in someone else’s body and managed over time to transform, it is already changing women’s sports. In Cycling Rachel McKinnon won a pedestal and after the scandal said that the control of testosterone — a violation of human rights. In powerlifting Mary Gregory was able to beat four world records.

Conflicts happen and moreover, are there disputes that are dismantled in court. And not just with transgender people.

a well-Known case occurred with a South African runner caster Semenya — the double Olympic champion in run on 800 metres. She from birth is suffering from hyperandrogenism — high content in the body of testosterone. It is said that the athlete is male. The court proved otherwise. However, those who decided to change his life and become a girl who needs to maintain a certain level of male harmony.

“to Check and support if he really during training? At the event – Yes, it does, allow it, but during training he’s a little weakened hormone therapy? And it raises the testosterone. It is also illegal advantage,” — says the doctor of medical Sciences, head of the Russian anti-doping Agency Nikolay Durmanov.

it turns out the scandal is on the verge of tolerance of the society, which has hit women’s sports. And where is the justice or, more simply, a fair fight, is still an open question, and a long discussion — as to prevent the chances were equal, or to avoid, but not to offend.