Einwurf der Stimmlzettel in eine Wahlurne in Berlin am 26. September 2021. Wahlen in Berlin *** Insertion of ballot papers into a ballot box in Berlin on 26 September 2021 Elections in Berlin

On September 28, the Constitutional Court of the State of Berlin will hear the objections to the elections to the House of Representatives and the district councils last autumn. The court announced on Friday.

Four of the 35 objections filed are to be heard first. It is about the complaints of the state returning authority, the internal administration and the parties AfD and the party. A decision will be made on further applications for election verification at a later date.

According to the court, those involved are given the opportunity to comment on the election process, possible omissions and related legal issues. The nine constitutional judges are unlikely to make a decision yet. The court has three months to do this.

This session also sets the latest possible date for a possible repeat election of the House of Representatives. The court has until December 28 to rule on a repeat; the election would then have to take place within 90 days. The last possible election date would therefore be March 28, 2023.

According to the information, the session of the Constitutional Court is public and planned in a lecture hall at the Free University in Berlin-Dahlem. In the oral hearing, topics such as voting errors and the possible influence on the distribution of seats are to be discussed.

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The announcement of the decision is also planned to be public. The Bundestag decides on the elections to the Bundestag and their validity in its own procedure.