Bauarbeiter bringen auf der Baustelle der Erweiterung der A100 im Bezirk Neukölln den Untergrund für die Fahrbahnen auf. Die A100 soll in Richtung Friedrichshain ausgebaut werden, um den Berliner Osten besser an die Stadtautobahn anzubinden. +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Around 100 musicians want to protest against the further construction of the A100 with a concert on the Berlin city motorway on August 4th. The performance under the motto “Make music instead of concreting” is part of an action week from Friday to August 5, as the “Lebenslaute” initiative announced on Tuesday in Berlin.

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The nationwide group will meet in Berlin from the end of July to prepare “concerts and campaigns for a comprehensive, socially just traffic turnaround and against the expansion of the A100”. The local initiatives “Sand im Getriebe Berlin” and “Bürger*innenInitiative A100 (BI A100)” are also taking part in the action week.

A classical orchestra with a choir is expected at the protest concert on August 4, it said. The concert is planned on the Tempelhof driveway of the A100. The program includes compositions by Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Dmitri Shostakovich and Rio Reiser, among others. As early as August 2nd, guests are invited to a “pre-concert” in the Taborkirche in the district of Kreuzberg. The concert on the Autobahn is registered as a rally, and the audience is welcome.

“The expansion of this and other motorways as part of the federal traffic route plan is completely out of time,” says the protest call. “We must do everything to end this madness. The climate catastrophe can and must be stopped before our future is cemented in place with the mobility concepts of the past millennium,” said spokeswoman Viola Forte. In addition, actions of civil disobedience are more than justified.

The further construction of the A100 means a “disaster for residential areas, culture and quality of life,” says Briti Beneke from the “Bürger*innenInitiative A100”. Urban spaces would be spoiled and “degraded to non-places”. “We want a Berlin where people feel comfortable. A concert on the Autobahn is definitely part of it.” (epd/tsp)