Completed investigation of criminal case about the fight, which killed the member of spetsnaz from Novosibirsk

the Investigation Committee has completed the investigation and sent to the state office of public Prosecutor criminal case against nine members of a fight in the suburbs, during which he was killed by the commando from Novosibirsk Nikita Belyankin. This information was confirmed by NGS, the lawyer of one of the suspects Called Kostanyan:

the Case will be considered in Moscow regional court, — he stressed.

the Case went to trial in case the Prosecutor General’s office to approve the indictment.

the 24-year-old Nikita Belyankin died in the summer of 2019 — it fatally wounded in a mass fight which has occurred in the suburbs, in the village of Putilkovo. Siberian died at the scene. The friends of the deceased residents of Novosibirsk has told the NHS that Nikita stood up for the passerby, who was beaten by the crowd. About the Nikita Belyankina it is known that he served as a scout and participated in the battles near Aleppo in Syria.