Roeselare Who’s recently been in the Ecoshop in Roeselare was a bit scary don’t. The tweedehandszaak had a car for sale and it was much faster of hand than I expected.

The car was a couple of days ago, an extraordinary profile on the Facebook page of Ecoshop is placed, and soon came to a purchaser in the shop. “A man from the region of the Houthulst has thirty euros to be paid, and the coffin is taken into account,” says shopverantwoordelijke Johan Van Eeckhout. “He told me that he is a nice decorative element in the context of its time of creation. The car came to us by someone who is effects buy. When a house is leeghaalde, he saw the car, and he brought them to us.”

It’s not the first time that the Ecoshop a car to sell. “I remember that we used to own a Peruvian car, in the form of a bird were alone. Well, that is easy to sell, but it is in any case not very often,” laughs Johan.

In January it emerged was also a car in the Ecoshop in Kortrijk. There is, however, a namaakkist of a theater to go to. Also, it was to a customer that they are using Halloween want to display.