Cocoa bonuses for the work received Soviet executioners

History 03/02/20 Cocoa bonuses for the work received Soviet executioners

the Death sentence in the Soviet Union has always existed. For certain crimes the perpetrator was waiting for the shot. There was a machine that served the needs of the law enforcement system. The basis of it was the so-called firing squad, which consisted of five persons, which led to the execution of sentences. These people are all representatives of their professions in the Soviet Union, “held” in the accounting Department and received a salary according to the staff schedule.

a Typical firing squad consisted of four people. In addition to the executioner, it included the doctor, the duty of which was the statement of death, and the representative of the Prosecutor’s office and the operations division of the police Department. It tells Lidia Golovkova in his article “Butovo”, in rare cases, the team could be enlarged to five people. But this was mainly in the years of mass repressions in the 1970-80s, was limited to “four”.

the number of the firing squad was different for each Republic of the USSR — the number of special detention centers where they held executions. So in Ukraine and Georgia there were two, three in Azerbaijan, four in Tajikistan, etc. As “special” detention center in the Russian Federation, now it is not known — this information is still classified.

In the Baltic States and Moldova his firing squad was not. There is a popular myth that suicide bombers are from there was transferred to Minsk, where it was shot. But it’s not. Khalid Yunusov, worked for a long time the head of the firing squad in Azerbaijan, told that the sentences led in performance all the same in the Baltic States, but only by “travel”. Very often go there and its firing squad — after all, for the small Republic three executioner — a lot and often they had to sit idle.

All members of firing squadsyou were paid according to staffing — for the position that was occupied. The executioner was appointed someone from the “proven” people. Usually chose those who were dissatisfied with the salary, because the one who directly quoted sentences in execution, received about 200 rubles per month. A separate award was for “bringing in”. One hundred and fifty were received the direct contractor and a hundred rubles — other members of the team. Also — if the command worked, instead of sitting “without penalty” — its members were paid quarterly bonuses — at 150-170 rubles. In addition, they were given leave on the day of the shooting — immediately after the signing of the act of “performing work”.

If the command was sent on a business trip — for the execution of criminals in the Baltic States or Moldova, they have received the travel, again according to staffing. Often on trips traveled the representatives of Azerbaijan, not to sit without business in a small country and not remain without awards and quarterly.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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