Coach of

the Coach of the Italian Champions from Juventus Maurizio Sarri after the away match of 1/2 final of the Italian Cup against Milan (1:1) noted that his team is not progressing in the last three weeks. But the game against local rivals and the result of the coach happy.

“We came out today against Milan after a failed game with Verona, but got a positive result, which is especially important for the first match — quoted Surry portal Football Italia. – At times we were too slow in defense and were not aggressive enough”.

the coach of the “Old lady” said that his players “looked better in the passing game and the defence, but it was not in the final thirds of the field”: “there Is a process we continue to work. We concede goals that can be avoided, as it was today. The flow was quite low, to beat, in my opinion, it was not difficult”.

When Surry asked if he is going through, the coach said: “No, really survive in life you need only for health. I think it’s a normal transition period, it does not happen that the team is always on the rise. It is a sport, and much depends on the state of many football players.”

“Progress “See” stopped in the last three weeks, we missed the goals, which could be avoided. On the other hand, we have conceded just two goals more than the team with the best defence in Serie A [we are talking about Lazio, approx. ed.], so it’s not a big problem,” — concluded the coach.