the Leading quarterback of the football team of Russia and the Moscow “Lokomotiv” Alex Miranchuk could be in the second half of the season in the Italian “Milan”, who was willing to rent the midfielder, with the right of redemption. But the coach of railwaymen Yury Semin transfer was blocked.

Leaders of the Milan club, who unsuccessfully doing the season and occupies a modest 8th place in Serie A, looking for ways to shake up the team and, according to insiders, proposed a “Loco” 3 million euros for a six-month rental in the Beginning and 15 million in the case of purchase of the contract.

however, as reported Cempionatam, the player himself was willing to be transferred, but in this opportunity he was denied the head coach of the “red-green” team Semin. As already reported Вести.Ru in addition to Milan at the beginning of making plans for two more clubs from Italy – Juventus and Lazio are also interested in midfielder English “Manchester United”. But the coach decided that the player must work out the current contract runs until the summer of 2021.