A police officer removes glue from the hand of a "Letzte Generation" (Last Generation) activist that reads "save oil instead of drill oil", blocking a road under the slogan "Let's stop the fossil madness!" for an end to fossil fuels and against oil drilling in the North Sea, in Berlin, Germany, July 15, 2022. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

After an action by climate demonstrators, a 20-year-old comes before the Tiergarten district court on Tuesday. The young man from Leipzig is said to have participated in a road blockade by the group “Last Generation” in June of this year and sat down with six other people on the roadway in the area of ​​the A100 city motorway in Wedding in the morning hours and glued it to it.

According to the information, a penalty order for a fine of 450 euros (30 daily rates of 15 euros each) was issued against the 20-year-old for coercion and resistance to law enforcement officials. Because he had lodged an objection to this, the oral hearing is now taking place. One day is planned for the process so far.

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A trial against a 59-year-old from Munich for three road blockades on January 26th and 28th follows on September 1st. He did not want to accept the penalty order for 50 daily rates of 50 euros – i.e. 2500 euros.

Overall, the public prosecutor’s office has completed the investigation into more than a hundred blockers and applied for penal orders from the court. All cases involve coercion and resistance to law enforcement officials. In July, 59 procedures were completed, in August there were 55 cases by Friday. Further investigations are ongoing, so far no penal order has become final.

Even if the court confirms the fines, it remains unclear how much the activists will be affected. The “Last Generation” is already raising funds to pay police bills for roadblock operations.