The Champions League is The day before the D-Day of the Club. Philippe Clement will see enough of the elements to be a great Champions League campaign out of it. By Diagne, that Club is eliminated from The new asset? Clement: “I don’t need him to motivate him to this party.”

The Real and PSG are in the group, it seems that the Club of Galatasaray (18u55, live on (Q2) at first glance, it is already essential for European survival. Thus, the black-and-white, will, Clement, that didn’t see it. “If you win, we put a big step on the way to the third place, the tie will remain in the 50 per cent, and in the case of loss, we will be a serious attempt to overtake another athlete need to focus on. But I don’t really tie myself down to one income. Winning will be no guarantee on the Europa League campaign, losing severely hampers for a great campaign. Club Brugge has been well-established that it might stunt. Real and PSG are, of course, “hors category”, but we will give it to us, not just the winner. Against good teams, and clubs with bigger budgets, such as The that is, we have, in the past, all great, great European nights, to be polite. Yesterday and today we have a special train to their weak points, and try to exploit it. Be sure to: let’s go to our skin for the duration of selling.”